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Announcing Setu Financial Assistance for 2020

Setu is bringing back Financial Assistance grants for 2020. 

In 2019 we established an incredible partnership with Cultivate Union, a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to yoga instructors for advanced and specialized training in Atlanta, GA. Since Cultivate Union takes a thoughtful localized approach to financial assistance, Setu was their first partner in expanding funding outside of Atlanta due to our approach to building community. Our partnership led to $10,000 of financial assistance grants to underrepresented yoga teachers in 2019. 

This year, we are carrying forth the legacy of our partnership with Cultivate Union by incorporating their methods and approach for application creation, candidate selection and funding allocation processes to Setu’s Financial Assistance Program. We are truly honored to be able to build upon the foundation our partnership set in 2019 by continuing to offer funding to NYC yoga teachers.

For 2020, we are able to give a total of $2500 in funding, thanks to a grant from lululemon and the community support of Sara Clark. Our intention is to support underrepresented yoga teachers who bring mindfulness practices to underserved communities. We will accept applications from Monday April 1-30, 2020. 

Why Financial Assistance

Our goal is to equip yoga teachers with the tools needed to serve their students with even more skill and care. We know that to be a great teacher, you must be a continual student. Refining and evolving your awareness of the practice honors your students and yourself. Each training opens a new aspect of this for you and us. We want yoga teachers to thrive in their practice and hope to bolster the community with resources that make this work sustainable and generative for all.

We will be selecting recipients based on demonstrated financial need and potential community impact. Our primary focus for impact is in service to people who hold identities (gender, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, physical abilities, etc.) that are often underrepresented in mainstream yoga.

How the program works

We will have an open application period from April 1-30, 2020 ending at 11:59pm EST. No late applications will be accepted. Among those who apply, we will select recipients for partial financial assistance. Assistance is intended to cover up to 50% of your training costs. The amount awarded is intended to supplement the cost of training, not transportation and/or lodging.

Application Timeline

April 1, 2020: Applications open

April 30, 2020: Applications close at 11:59pm

June 2020: All applicants are notified of decision via email

Have a question in the meantime? Please direct it to support at setu dot yoga.


Do I need to be registered with Yoga Alliance to apply? No

Do I need to have a Setu profile to be receive funding? No

Do I have to have a 200 hour training certification? Yes, this round of funding is open to certified instructors only.

Do I need to be enrolled in training to apply for financial assistance? You do not need to be enrolled, but must be committed to enrolling if you are accepted. 

Am I allowed to apply for funding to attend a conference? No, this funding is intended to be used for advanced and specialized training only.

When do applications open? Applications open on April 1, the final day for submission is April 30 at 11:59pm EST.

How much will assistance cover? Up to 50% of training costs.

How can I learn more about applying? Email support at setu dot yoga

Can I receive funding for a training that takes place outside of New York City? No, this particular round of funding is only for New York City teachers, pursuing training in New York City.