An open yoga community supporting positive relationships across identities.

How simple words can make yoga more accessible

In our recent interview with Selenge Baatartsogt, she said, “Belongingness and inclusiveness are so important for all of us.” We imagine that has something to do with why all of us keep coming back to yoga. At Setu, we want to foster this positive feeling and experience.

We keep belongingness and inclusiveness in mind with each decision we make. This is why the homepage is filled with images of all the diverse teachers in our community. The tags on the homepage support this as well by being relatable to both newcomers and lifetime practitioners. Yoga connects us with other people but also with ourselves. And in our day-to-day, it can be what makes the fragmented parts of our lives seem more connected. It can be easy to categorize yoga into the ‘workout’ part of your life but why stop there? The tags on our website aim to remind visitors of  yoga’s many values such as: mindfulness, grounding, play, spirituality, body positivity and more.  



The tags are entirely optional for teachers to select when they create their profile. Teachers can choose as many as they like or none at all. We also consider requests for new tags. One tag we added after the site launched was ‘spiritual.’ We will continue to edit  this list to include more words that provide a holistic representation of yoga’s practice today.



In addition to the homepage tags, we include traditional yoga style names on each teacher’s profile page. You’ll see traditional names used to represent each teacher’s certification style.  We take the lineage and history of yoga seriously and reserve these traditional names for this use. If you’re primarily interested in finding a teacher with certification in a particular tradition of yoga, you can use the search box on the homepage to look them up without having to click through each profile.



We hope our placement of tags and the words we’ve chosen for them make Setu inviting. Our intention is for you to feel a sense of belongingness and inclusivity in our community. And as always, we’re open to your feedback. You can submit feedback using the suggestion box when you create your teacher profile or send us a comment when you’re logged into your existing profile. As we continue to grow Setu, we are keeping you at the top of our mind.