An open yoga community supporting positive relationships across identities.

We are embracing our mission more fully

Setu Studio

We are excited to share two new features Setu Studio and Community Board with you!  A personable online yoga space for all bodies.

Setu Studio is an improved version of our online yoga classes. We believe it offers a renewed sense of warmth and care. We’d love for you to experience it first hand. Classes are categorized as accessible, foundational, nurturing, empowering, heat building and structural. You can select free and paid subscription options to access 30 original classes with new ones added monthly.

Our Community Board is a designated location for industry wide yoga trainings, retreats, jobs and events. We know how challenging it is to find valuable opportunities to grow your yoga practice and use your gifts out in the world. This is our attempt to make it a little easier. All listings cost $25 and can be on our site up to 45 days. 

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Setu Studio and the Community Board were two years in the making. From the beginning, Setu’s goal has been to give credit to diverse yoga teachers, who are doing important work in the community. As well as contribute to abundance in the yoga community by bringing in new financial resources. Setu Studio and the Community Board will further these efforts. 

We’re most excited to share, that 1% of all our profits will go to the Black Yoga Teacher’s Alliance (BYTA). Our contributions to BYTA will support their program Yoga As A Peace Practice, a curriculum designed to train, facilitate, create and introduce contemplative practices, rooted in the philosophical tenets of the niyamas, restorative and kriya yoga and culturally relevant themes, and to offer them in ways that are accessible to individuals and communities where trauma from violence exists. You can learn more about BYTA here

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You’ll notice the rest of our website was also redesigned. In that process, we made a few changes. One was removing the gender and ethnicity tags on each teacher’s profile. We made this choice in an effort to protect people’s identities. If you have any questions about this please reach out. 

We want to give a big thanks to Anita Cheung who designed the new site and Lily Smith who coded it. 

Now go explore Setu and start practicing yoga with us!