An open yoga community supporting positive relationships across identities.

Listen, Be Heard

It’s validating to hear others share stories similar to yours – stories you previously thought you only had. It’s empowering to share your story to a room of people who are listening and want the best for you. The theme of our event last weekend was Listen : Be Heard. We explored it through practice, a mini journaling activity and conversation.

Our guest teacher for the evening was Emily Hyland. Emily is a teacher at Juniper where she mentors budding teachers and instructs her signature class On the Ground. The practice she led us through was inspired by our theme and her teaching style. The furthest we got from the ground was down dog – it was delightful.

At one point in the practice Emily commented on how teaching to a room full of teachers is beautiful, since everyone knows what to do. As one among the practitioners, I can vouch for a similar feeling of collective energy. The presence of community felt real.


Through poses like double pigeon Emily brought us in communication with our hips. The act of listening in yoga often involves the hips. We hold memories and unresolved experiences there. Our practice can help make peace with them, release them. In these poses, for some this required a compassionate internal voice of encouragement asking them to relax and find ease.


Late we moved on to half pigeon, providing more of an open release.

Of course, practice is always feels complete with essential oils. After savasana we handed out warm towels infused with lavender for refreshing the face, hands and feet. We also spritzed our faces with Mother Dirt’s AO Mist. Once a little more awake, we filled out our individual conversation question cards. This time,I posed two extra questions: What inside of you wants to be heard by others? What inside of you is asking for you to listen?

Courtney who leads up Candid and Co partnered with us to serve tea and provide a custom blending station. The smell and taste of her teas was calming and balancing – just what you want after practice.

We closed with a thoughtful conversation that began by sharing answers we wrote down on the question cards. It quickly moved into a larger conversation about our experiences of being heard and learning how to listen to ourselves. I appreciate everyone who bravely spoke up and shared parts of themselves they wanted us to hear.

The intention of these events is to create a safe space where people bring their different experiences to the group, learn from each other by gaining new perspectives and leave with a greater understanding of compassion. Thanks to all who showed up and made that a reality.

A big thanks to our partners Mother Dirt who provided a refreshing facial mist, Candid Tea for the tea and Live Love Pop for delicious popcorn. A special thanks to lululemon’s HUB seventeen for giving us their space and dressing our teacher. We can’t wait to do it all again on May 26. RSVP and join us!