An open yoga community supporting positive relationships across identities.


Earlier this month we hosted our sixth event of 2018. The theme was Release and Pilin Anice led us through an Afro Flow practice. It was an energizing evening. We moved to the beat of a live drummer and danced off our mats. After cooling down from practice we shifted into conversation and refreshments.


The Afro Flow movements started with our hips. We opened them wide in goddess pose, began circling them and eventually carried the movement across the floor.


The longer we moved the more our bodies connected with the rhythm of the drum and freed up stagnant energy inside us.


We made gestures honoring the earth, each other and ourselves.


After our practice, we moved into another room for conversation and refreshments from Tyme.


Through conversation we dove into the meaning of release and how it plays a role in our lives. Lisa, who’s in the center above, reminded us that our bodies are always releasing, whether it’s toxins or joy. Our bodies can only hold so much and then they have to let go, even if we don’t think we’re ready. It was a good reminder of why we practice yoga, to balance the connection between our body and mind.


The stories each person share, provided connection points for the others in the room. It was encouraging to hear stories we could relate to and learn new perspectives on how to approach challenges in life.


To close the night, we ended with a brief meditation led by Pilin.


Thanks to all the beautiful souls who came. It was truly a special evening of connection and compassion. Thanks to lululemon and HUB Seventeen for hosting us!