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Resources for healing and growth: to reduce racial harm and build healthier communities

Here is a collection of resources for learning and healing from racialized trauma in community wellness settings. Some are specifically for self identifying Black people like Ruth King’s Black ‘Wisdom Circle,’ while others like Dr. Gail Parker Ph.D.’s Yoga ‘From the Inside Out’ workshop are for everyone. Each of the wellness leaders below have many more offerings. You’re encouraged to visit their website and explore what resonates with you.

solemarch – a trauma informed yoga training

October 16, 2020 | 6-9pm and October 17-18 & 24-25, 2020 | 10am-2pm

“We live in an incredibly diverse society, with equally diverse life experiences. And how anyone responds to any one type of traumatic experience varies from person to person. In this training, you will learn some methods and concepts of teaching a trauma informed class. We will explore serving different populations such as rape and domestic violence survivors, veterans and the military community and communities of color.”

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Diversity Training for Yoga Teachers

“As a black woman in a larger body with more than 1000 hours of yoga training, Dianne is uniquely qualified to talk to your YTT trainees about racism, sexism, and sizeism in yoga. Dianne’s real-world examples will expose students to situations they may not have experienced for themselves. Her approachable demeanor and authenticity will encourage thoughtful, open and honest discussion.”

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Be More with Anu

“We designed the BE MORE Journey to develop your skills in breaking bias over time. Grounded in behavioral sciences & organizational psychology, it encompasses three stages for breaking bias and unlocking your potential. You will learn about bias and the science-based tools that help to break it; develop habits that allow you to put these tools into action; and propel these skills into your social circles, organizations, and community, building a greater sense of equity and belonging everywhere” 

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FREE 5-Day Racialized Trauma Home Study Course

“We all need different spaces and ways to talk about white body supremacy. Engaging in a culturally somatic body focused study will help us begin to co-create a culture free from the rabid structural influence of white body supremacy that collectively binds us.”

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Yoga From the Inside Out: Shining a Light on Healing Racial Wounding

“This is six-part online course invites everyone, not just people of color, to consider the psychological impact of ethnic and race based stress and trauma on all of us, and how we in the yoga community can contribute to healing the wounds that result. The course will help you learn what constitutes race based stress and trauma, how it differs from PTSD, how it impacts our nervous system, cultural conditioning that contributes to racial wounding, our vulnerabilities that make this a difficult conversation, and ways to identify what triggers you.”

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Inclusive Yoga Leadership Safe Space Mastermind

“Join a safe and inclusive mastermind teaching & coaching program designed for you! Receive laser-focused coaching/consulting in a small group to take your yoga business to the next-level as you embody equity, diversity yogic values and leadership. YOU and YOUR studio, classes, and programs will be well prepared to be an inclusive, accessible, and welcoming space that honors the roots of yoga.​Grow your skills as a leader by deepening your yogic values and expanding your thriving yoga business with integrity and confidence.”

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Decolonizing yoga and wellness

“Learn about the decolonization movement! Women of color experts in the industry unpack and unravel what it means to decolonize the industry and move towards an inclusive and diverse mindset. Hear all about: Creating spaces of depth and inclusion, without spiritual bypassing, Taboo questions on race and bias answered, How to provide equity and access for leaders of color leaning into your privilege as an ally, How leaders of color are creating their own spaces for POC to heal and thrive in safe spaces.”

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Put Your Yoga in Action to Create a Just World

“This training will give you insight into how you can practice and teach yoga with an awareness of increasing equity by creating more inclusive and liberatory spaces. The concept of yoga as skill in action comes from the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred text that invites us to live into our dharma—our duty—in the world. Michelle’s intention with this training is that you use the tools it offers to take action in order to make the world a better place.”

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Black Wisdom Circle, A Six-Week Online Offering for Self-Identified Black Folks

November 3 – December 8, 2020

“Ruth King and Sydney Reece are hosting an on-line series: The Black Wisdom Circle, using the structure of The Emotional Wisdom Cards– a 50-card deck of questions and affirmation, organized in five categories: Memories, Challenges, Disappointments, Happiness, and Legacy.”

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Diversity, Allyship, Privilege Workbooks

“Workbooks to expand diversity in wellness, cultivate inclusive spaces and foster conversations that lead to change. These workbooks are intended to give you, the reader, 1) an insight into conversations that took place amongst a diverse and inclusive group of thought leaders within wellness who gathered to have meaningful conversations rooted in equity in the industry and 2) provide you with the space to reflect on the conversation starters.”

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The Anti-racism daily newsletter

“Daily actions to dismantle white supremacy. Read the news and do something about it. Each day, we offer an overview on current events and apply an anti-racism lens. Learn how practices embedded in our politics, criminal justice system, and workplaces enforce systemic oppression – and what you can do about it.”

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Love and Rage

“In a time when the politics of anger—who gets to be angry, how, when and at whom—infuse every institutional and cultural sphere, Lama Rod Owens offers a radical re-envisioning of a deeply timely topic in his new book, Love and Rage The Path of Liberation Through Anger. Love and Rage will resonate with anyone who wants to metabolize or harness their anger for transformation and change.”

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You Belong

“In You Belong, much-admired meditation expert Sebene Selassie reveals that accepting our belonging is the key to facing the many challenges currently impacting our world. Using ancient philosophy, multidisciplinary research, exquisite storytelling, and razor sharp wit, Selassie leads us in an exploration of all the ways we separate (and thus suffer) and offers a map back to belonging.”

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