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Setu’s Financial Assistance Becomes Relief Funding

Setu is re-allocating our $2500 teacher training financial assistance funds into a relief fund for yoga teachers.

COVID-19 is severely impacting the yoga industry across the US and internationally. It is likely many teacher trainings will be postponed or cancelled due to the economical impacts of the pandemic. We believe our funds are best used to support yoga teachers in their daily lives.

Setu’s funds are being put towards Reclamation Ventures’ Relief Fund, which aims to distribute $500,000 in unrestricted funding to 200 US based wellness practitioners and businesses that represent underestimated communities by April 30. Setu’s $2500 will go to a yoga teacher.

We are grateful we have the resources to contribute at this time and hope many of you will apply. Since our funds are part of a much larger pool, there is the potential for more of you to benefit and for those outside of New York City to receive relief too.

Please visit Reclamation Venture’s website to learn more and apply. You can also donate to the fund if you have an abundance of resources. Visit the GoFundMe page.

Remember to take our State of Yoga Teachers Survey and share it online. Our goal is to receive 1000 responses and we are almost halfway there!

With love,

Libby + Team Setu