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State of Yoga Survey / RV x Setu

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There is a great need for change.

In the last year organizations and individuals have approached Setu to ask how they can make their spaces and teams more inclusive and equitable. We’ve observed in the news how corporate studios are poorly paying their teachers. More recently with COVID-19’s impact, there are few resources for yoga teachers in a time of crisis.

In response, we are building resources and insight to make it possible for all of us to thrive in the wellness industry. Some of our goals include

  • Helping businesses commit to inclusivity, diversity and equity
  • Boost yoga teacher┬ápay to a live-able wage
  • Overall make it possible for yoga teachers to thrive

Setu is partnering with Reclamation Ventures to advocate for yoga teachers and access resources that will improve these conditions.

You can contribute by taking the anonymous survey. Please share it with all yoga teachers you know, so our data can speak to the largest group possible.