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Connect with Your Strength and Flexibility

Did you know that strength and flexibility are not opposites? In fact, you can strengthen your muscles in ways that actually increase your flexibility over time!  The two videos in this series with Alia are dedicated to a particular muscle group in the body. We’ll begin with awareness of breath to connect to the body, then we’ll activate or “wake up” the area of the body we’re exploring with various movements, followed by specific versions of yoga poses to strengthen the targeted area, and end with some passive stretching.

Alia Bisat

Alia’s teaching is influenced by the idea that strength, mobility, and awareness are key components for healthy movement. Alia’s “stiff” body type led her to learn movement patterns and injury prevention/rehab from various industry professionals. She is a strong advocate for the adaptive potential of the human body. Alia received her 200YTT from Tattva Yoga and continued her education with Leslie Kaminoff, Jules Mitchell, and Jenn Pilotti. She is also certified in Functional Range Conditioning.