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You Are A Winner

Join Mecca Nelson for the YOMA Method (yoga martial arts and meditation fused into one). The YOMA Method allows you to deepen your connection with self, while stimulating and rejuvenating your Qi (energy) of mind, body and spirit. You’ll use affirmations, mantras, quotes and visualization to manifest all your hearts desire through movement. You’ll take sweet breaths into your atmosphere as you build love for self and have faith in all that you set to achieve. With Mecca, you’ll build your foundation from inside out.

Mecca Nelson

I teach a variety of classes kickboxing, Strong Zumba, Soca Yoga Flow, Qigong and more. Trained in various forms of discipline I was in an accident that kept me from my daily activities, with the help of my mentors, I rediscovered the warrior within myself and transitioned into an even fiercer work of art. I completed my teacher training from Sacred Brooklyn. I lead my classes from love, encouragement, energy work, creating affirmations, and rejuvenated. Be Blessed YASS