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Feel safe in your body

Join Matty in this 30-minute yoga session aimed at bringing a nurturing and accessible approach to the physical yoga practice. Using the concept of “interoception” (insight into the state of the body), Matty will guide practitioners through a series of poses with varying degrees of options. Language used will be deliberately invitational to allow practitioners the power of choice in their decisions for their unique bodies. Practitioners should expect a slower pace with this interoceptive and introspective style that will give room for empowering decisions,  fundamentally shaping their practice to be their own unique journey.

Matty Espino

My name is Matty Espino and I am a 600+ hr certified yoga instructor with specialties in vinyasa, Lotus Flow™, Chakras-based Yoga, Ayurveda, and Restorative Yoga. I also hold additional certifications in Kids & Teens Yoga and Trauma-Informed Yoga. I offer carefully crafted experiences that are challenging and playful, while still supportive of all levels. With compassion and a bright smile, I strive for my students to feel comfortable, confident, and to feel no judgment to move like them.