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Give love to your hips

Join Kajuan for a hip opening vinyasa practice. You’ll start on your back in supta baddha konasana to gently access space in your hips and create awareness of your spine and breath. From here you’ll move through spinal undulations in cat/cow, downward facing dog, sphinx and low lunges. This practice builds heat, energizes the body and stimulates your connection to self. It’s a practice of making space and feeling connected.

Kajuan Douglas

I am New York based Yoga teacher and the founder of Merge New York, a Self Discovery studio located in Soho. I teach mindfulness and self empowerment through movement. I known for insightful words, real world perspective and sassiness. Yoga has taught me life skills and self awareness, therefore I teach from a place of understanding and creativity. Access your potential! It is not something distant from who we are, but our natural state.