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Love is an action

Join Oneika for a practice rooted in the quote from bell hooks: “Love is an action, never simply a feeling.”

Oneika will lead you through a sequence starting with an affirmation and committing to expressing love to yourself. You’ll move through spinal openings on the floor, low lunges, chair pose, high lunge, warrior 2, extended side angle, standing splits, yogi squat and close with stretches on the floor.

Oneika Mays

Oneika Mays is a LMT and E-RYT 200 with certifications in trauma conscious yoga, therapeutic yoga, vinyasa, yoga for cancer and is lovingkindness meditation teacher. Oneika embraces the idea of meeting people where they are and uses loving, mindful movement/meditation to create spaces for self empowerment and healing. In addition to studio classes and workshops Oneika teaches meditation at Rikers Island.