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Practice for tranquility

Join Hillary for a practice that moves your breath and body towards sattva (tranquility). You’ll move through sun salutations, warrior 2 and settle into pigeon pose. Hillary gives you space within and between each posture so you can take your time and feel your body throughout the whole practice. Treat yourself to this class and you’ll emerge feeling taken care of and embracing more love for your body.

Hillary Lopes

Hillary keeps coming back to her mat to stay rooted, practice centering in radical presence and create a closer path to liberation and love within her body. Her vision for the world is one in which her community of sisters and brothers of color have space to thrive and be well. She is a force of love, justice and heart pounding conviction for right action. Oh, and she manages to practice all of this with a smile on her face. She swears everything is easier and more joyful that way!