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Restorative trauma-conscious yoga with Laura Toyofuku-Aki (23 minutes)

In this restorative practice, you’ll learn how to be gentle with your body. Laura will lead you through postures and soothing techniques that can be done without props. This practice is meant to provide self-care through accessing a connection with your your breath, movement and mindful awareness.

Laura Toyofuku-Aki

Laura Toyofuku-Aki

Honolulu, HI, United States

Aloha! My classes are casual and personal. We always start with reflection and creating space and then we move, together. Class can vary from fast vinyasa to props and focused, it really is up to the student. I completed my 200hr at Laughing Lotus Brooklyn and certification in trauma conscious yoga from Liberation Prison Yoga. I also teach a weekly classes at the transgender unit in the NYC jail.

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