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Vinyasa with LaToya Maria (25min)

In this 25 minute Vinyasa class, LaToya will begin by aligning your breath and body in a seated posture. You’ll move into energetic standing postures like warrior 2 and high lunge. You’ll finish with seated stretches and resting on your back. This practice will energize your body and activate your muscles. It is great for people who have practiced yoga before.

LaToya Maria Jones

LaToya Maria Jones

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My yoga journey took a monumental step forward in 2017 when I traveled to India to obtain my teacher certification. Synchronizing breath, movement, and mindfulness; my classes offer a comprehensive and dynamic Hatha Flow. Explore body awareness that highlights alignment, increased flexibility, balance and, most of all, acceptance. My classes benefit students in a deeply personal, yet inclusive manner.

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