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Vinyasa Yoga with Mary Lou (35min)

In this 35 minute Vinyasa class, Mary Lou takes you through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Chakras for Grounding & Support, Fluidity & Freedom and to Stand in Your Power. First you’ll get grounded through breath and body connection with a few seated stretches and cat/cow. Next Surya Namaskar to warm up, and then a repetitious sweet fluid flow of  warrior 1 & 2, extended side angle and high lunge. You’ll then step into your power with Chair Pose. A few seated forward folds to cool you down before you release in Savansana. This practice will release tension and resistance within the body & mind. It is great for beginners who want to become more familiar with yoga and like a bit of a challenge.

Mary Lou Burkhardt

Mary Lou Burkhardt

New York, NY, United States

Mary Lou admires the introspection and observation yoga brings to the mind and body. She invites her students to breathe deeper in each pose, in each flow, for deeper exploration into their own unique practice. Through her Hatha/Vinyasa style classes and workshops she blends movement, meditation and breath. She aims to help her students reduce physical and mental stress, plus educate on how to utilize elements of yoga for stress management.

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