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Yoga for core and hips by Djuna Passman (70min)

A hip and heart opening flow linking breath with movement. You’ll begin on the floor, move through low lunges, into high lunge, balancing postures, warrior three and back to the floor for cool down. Modifications and advanced variations offered for yogis of all levels. We encourage you to use blocks as needed in poses like low lunge, warrior three and any others. Blankets are good to have on hand to support your knees in low lunge and hips in in pigeon.

Djuna Passman

Djuna Passman

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Djuna received her yoga certification through mang’Oh in 2011 under the mentorship of Allison Rasin Gould, Erica Whalen, Chintamani Kansas, and Randi Zinn. Blending prior training as a dancer, choreographer, and dance/movement psychotherapist therapist, Djuna aims to challenge and inspire her students through choreographically unique and playful alignment-based sequences.

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