An open yoga community supporting positive relationships across identities.

We launched a Patreon!

When I launchd Setu in November 2017, there were 40 teachers in the directory. Today there are 150! Setu’s growth motivates me to keep exploring what we can do to increase inclusivity in the yoga community.

In March, Setu entered new territory with yoga livestreams. The first streams were filmed in Brooklyn at Greene Moments Studio with a handful of teachers from Setu, who embody our mission to represent and advocate for inclusivity of any body type, race/ethnicity, gender identity and life story. On the first day of the livestreams, I knew Setu was growing in the right direction. It felt natural to be sharing our teachers’ classes online – to actually bring yoga to people.

I’ve been encouraged by the positive response to our livestreams. On average 40 people watch our streams in real time and as many as 700 watch one class. With a larger roster of teachers, increased consistency of filming times and improvements to our technical equipment, the interest in our livestreams will only grow.

Today we are launching a Patreon to raise funds for the improvement our yoga livestreams. Our Patreon includes multiple tiers with different rewards per level. Our rewards include videos of pose tutorials, interviews with teachers, guided meditations and desktop wallpaper with inspirational quotes from our teachers. The best part is, the rewards are in addition to all the free yoga livestreams. Your support not only helps us improve the quality but give more people a chance to practice yoga.

Through Patreon I’m excited to grow a stronger connection with the Setu community. On our Patreon page we’ll share updates and receive your feedback. Your thoughts will help inform how we grow and develop our online classes. This is only the beginning and I know there’s so much more we can do to represent and advocate for inclusivity in yoga.


In gratitude,

Libby Nicholaou

Founder of Setu